(Volunteer) Tutoring

As the student association representing the program of Modern Chinese Language & Culture, we’re always looking for ways to help students learn and strive in their courses.

We’re currently working on a tutoring program that would help students better understand the class material as well as give them various opportunities to practice their communication skills .

We’re looking for students in one of the following groups:

  1. You’re a student learning Chinese & would like to help other students of whom are newer to the program (Peer tutoring)
  2. You’re a student of whom is fluent in Mandarin and would like to participate in a Language Exchange
  3. You’re a student of whom is fluent in Mandarin and understands the language’s grammar

For now, we’re looking to tutor those of whom are taking MCHI 200. In the future, when we become bigger, we’ll look into expanding into helping those in the more advanced courses.

(I’ll be putting posts with more details in the near future.)