Another Peking Opera Workshop

大家好 Hello everyone,

好久不见 Long time no see.

We’ve just finished organizing our second Peking Opera Workshop for March 17th on Facebook.

If you’ve been to the workshop from last semester, you’ll know that we’ll be having a lot of fun. If you didn’t, all the more reason for you to come and see.

It’ll be a mix of watching, learning and participating.

Interested? You can find the Facebook event here.

If you want to see our original post from last semester.

We hope to see you there and then!


Peking Opera Workshop

On November 17th, we’ll be having a Chinese Opera performance!
In particular, we’ll be having a Peking Opera Workshop!

What is Chinese Opera?

Chinese Opera, in general, has roots going back about 200 years. Incorporating various other forms of art (music, dance…), it became more and more complex in their performances up to today (not to say that they’re done changing).

Okay, but what’s Peking Opera?

Also known as Beijing Opera, Peking Opera is one of the main branches of Chinese Opera. Wikipedia describes it as a  combination of music, vocal performance, mime, dance and acrobatics. Considered as a national treasure of China, tourist website “China Highlights” say that it has a profound influence in China and plays a huge role in the local culture, with many of the performances recounting China’s history or adopting a well-known story based on China’s history.


You can find our Facebook event here