MOCHI Executives

Let’s give an introduction to the organizers and people behind our Association.

President: The overseer and delegator of task, they are also the representative and spokesperson of MOCHI

VP Internal: Manager of internal relationships, including between ASFA and us

VP Social: The organizer of culture events (Opera Workshop…)

VP Academic: Organizer for academic events (tutorials, language exchange…)

VP Finance: The money-manager of the association, they keep an eye on the budget and make the necessary changes

VP Communications: The social media manager of the association, they contact and reach out to the members via email/social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter….)


VP External: Organizes culture events outside of the university

VP Tutoring: Organizes specifically tutorials/tutoring

Interested in joining as an executive? Contact us via email for a description of the position and/or any questions that you may have. (NOTE: to apply to any of these positions, you must be a Concordia Student taking Chinese Courses as electives, minor or certificate)