November Movie Night


This month’s movie night is… MULAN!

Now, it’s not Disney’s 2004 Mulan, but rather a 2009 live-action Movie called Mulan: Rise of the Warrior.


With China faced the impending threat of invasion, a nation wide draft was conducted. The legendary Hua Mulan (starring Vicky Zhao) disguised herself as a man, taking the place of her ailing father, to enlist into the army. In the army camp, Mulan met her childhood friend, Xiaohu (played by Jaycee Chen), as well as gained the attention of Wentai (starring Chen Kun), the battalion’s Vice Commander. Through the harsh military training, she proved herself an outstanding warrior. Mulan eventually assumes a historically critical role in defending the nation in a time of war who was on par with the men.

Yin Wei – Movie Review: Mulan 

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