Another Peking Opera Workshop

大家好 Hello everyone,

好久不见 Long time no see.

We’ve just finished organizing our second Peking Opera Workshop for March 17th on Facebook.

If you’ve been to the workshop from last semester, you’ll know that we’ll be having a lot of fun. If you didn’t, all the more reason for you to come and see.

It’ll be a mix of watching, learning and participating.

Interested? You can find the Facebook event here.

If you want to see our original post from last semester.

We hope to see you there and then!

Happy Holidays from MOCHI

大家好!Hello everyone!

Yet another semester is coming to an end (For some of us, it already has). With a new team of executives, we’ve had the opportunity to organize a lot of fun events and had many chances to meet a lot of the new students.


Everyone from MOCHI want to wish you all the best for the holidays & for the upcoming year!

Some words for this time of the year:

节日快乐(jiérì kuàilè)Happy Holidays

圣诞快乐(shèngdàn kuàilè)Merry Christmas

For more:
Mandarin Practice – Christmas (1) Mandarin Practice – Christmas (2)

What other expressions do you know for this time of the year?

By-elections: We’re Recruiting!

It’s getting to the last stretch of our By-election Nomination Period!

What is this By-election?

Glad you asked. Usually, executives like me have a term that lasts one academic year (e.g. Summer 2016, Fall 2016 & Winter 2017). However, Member Associations can hold another election during that same term, as another attempt to fill in the empty spots.

Which positions are available?

President, VP Academic, VP Internal, VP Finance
(Emphasis on those two because we need them)


The president will be responsible for overseeing the association. They will also be the spokesperson & task delegator (if required) to the rest of the executive body

VP Academic

The VP Academic shall be the primary spokesperson for the Association’s matters, being the middleman between the department/programs to ensure that the students’ academic interests & is responsible for organizing academic events (e.g. Tutoring)

VP Internal

The VP Internal is the primary liaison between the association & the department as well as the main representative of the association on anything related to the curriculum within the department

VP Finance

The VP Finance shall be the primary spokesperson for everything in terms of the  Association’s finances. They are be responsible for the creation of a budget at the beginning of the Academic Year, updating  the budget and making sure that the Association has sufficient funds for their events.

What if there’s someone else running for the same position?

If does happen, then you will have to convince the others members during the campaigning period to vote for you (it helps to mention what you would like to do if you were to have that position).

recruiting-executives-2What’s with the Nomination & Campaigning Periods?


The period where interested individuals get the nomination papers filled with the intention of running for one the positions. To get them filled, they have to get signatures of other member students (i.e. in our case, students who are doing the Modern Chinese Language & Culture Certificate/Minor). Once the paper is filled with those signatures, the individuals are to send a scan/picture of it to the CEO (who, by then would have posted how to send it)


(in our case) It’s the period where those who successfully submitted the forms go to a few MCHI classes to talk to students for a few minutes about who they are, what position they would like to fill and (ideally) what they would like to do when they get into the position

What about the voting?

The Voting period takes place over the course of 2 days. The CEO can be found in a pre-determined location and time where he would have ballots ready for members to fill out and place into a box. Be sure to bring a valid Student ID when going to vote.

How/When do we know the results? 

In our case, you’ll be seeing the updates on our Facebook group.

Any other questions? Comment below or send us an email via


November Movie Night


This month’s movie night is… MULAN!

Now, it’s not Disney’s 2004 Mulan, but rather a 2009 live-action Movie called Mulan: Rise of the Warrior.


With China faced the impending threat of invasion, a nation wide draft was conducted. The legendary Hua Mulan (starring Vicky Zhao) disguised herself as a man, taking the place of her ailing father, to enlist into the army. In the army camp, Mulan met her childhood friend, Xiaohu (played by Jaycee Chen), as well as gained the attention of Wentai (starring Chen Kun), the battalion’s Vice Commander. Through the harsh military training, she proved herself an outstanding warrior. Mulan eventually assumes a historically critical role in defending the nation in a time of war who was on par with the men.

Yin Wei – Movie Review: Mulan 

Facebook Event

Peking Opera Workshop

On November 17th, we’ll be having a Chinese Opera performance!
In particular, we’ll be having a Peking Opera Workshop!

What is Chinese Opera?

Chinese Opera, in general, has roots going back about 200 years. Incorporating various other forms of art (music, dance…), it became more and more complex in their performances up to today (not to say that they’re done changing).

Okay, but what’s Peking Opera?

Also known as Beijing Opera, Peking Opera is one of the main branches of Chinese Opera. Wikipedia describes it as a  combination of music, vocal performance, mime, dance and acrobatics. Considered as a national treasure of China, tourist website “China Highlights” say that it has a profound influence in China and plays a huge role in the local culture, with many of the performances recounting China’s history or adopting a well-known story based on China’s history.


You can find our Facebook event here

Announcement: Ongoing Renovations for the Blog in 2016-2017

大家好!Hello everyone!

A new group of executives have been gathered for MOCHI Concordia for the next Academic Year. As such, the blog/website will be going under renovations for the better, to encourage students to apply what they’ve learned, interact with students in higher levels and maybe even interact with students whose first language is Chinese!

Stay tuned for any updates~! (And subscribe~!)

谢谢你们!Thank you!

嘉怡(Jiayi) (2016-2017 VP Communications)